We hired Al Conicella in 2010 to expand our home and prepare our back yard for a pool project that was to begin after he was finished. It was a fairly difficult addition as our property had many challenges with regard to access and elevation. Before the building portion of the project could begin, major excavation had to be performed and retaining walls needed to be constructed. This type of expansion exposed our yard to major disruption as heavy equipment was often present and materials needed to be on site throughout the project. As with any home expansion, we were concerned on many levels with regard to the work being done, the time line of the project and the ultimate outcome. Although it was a disruptive endeavor, Al’s company made the experience very worthwhile. Throughout the process, Al was constantly in contact with us and often gave us input that proved invaluable. As with any construction project, owners are concerned with people coming in and out of their house for months at a time. We were very impressed with personnel that handled our expansion, they were courteous, contentious, on time and thoroughly answered all of our questions. On many occasions, Al’s employees offered suggestions that they felt would improve the outcome of the project and we greatly benefited from their input. The project was competed in early 2011 and we are very happy with the end result. The experience was a very good one and the end result was better than we anticipated. We would recommend Al Conicella to anyone considering a simple or complicated construction project. His company did an excellent job.!

Michael and Barbara Paolone


When my wife and I decided to do some major modeling at our home in Bryn Mawr, we weren’t sure who to turn too and who could handle a job like this. Several of our friends and family recommended we talk to Al Conicella. After talking too and reviewing all the various contractors we are glad we went with Al Conicella and his Team. Not only did they exceed our expectations but they were able to work around our schedule and to adjust to our ever changing ideas and demands. The work they performed showed the craftsmanship of true professionals that are proud of their work. Nothing is good enough until it is done right and we were pleased with the result. We expected to pay a lot more for what we wanted but we were surprised how fair he was. We have been asked several times who did our work and we always glad to say we worked with ‘Al Conicella Painting and Remodeling’.

Mark O’Neill

We have hired Al’s team on three occasions over the past 2 years for various upgrades to our home. As someone in a service-oriented industry, I appreciate the paramount importance of truly listening to clients regarding their needs, wants, and fears and, in turn, providing innovative, bespoke and high quality solutions. In addition setting and managing expectations are integral to a strong relationship with clients and, finally, the relationship has to be based on integrity and trust. Al and his team embody all of those principles to the nth degree. Al invests the time upfront to immerse himself into our projects and his team executes on his vision with an unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship. Finally, we cannot place a price tag on our ability to trust his workers in our home while we are not there. Thank you, Al, for your commitment to helping us realizes the goals for transforming our home!

Matt C.

We have resided in our current home since December 1999. Each year since then we have called upon Al Conicella and his crew to complete projects large and small, ranging from full kitchen and bathroom remodeling to interior and exterior painting. We have been consistently satisfied with their excellent craftsmanship and would recommend Conicella Painting and Remodeling to anyone contemplating a home improvement project.

Bob and Susan Schmader

What can I say about Al Conicella? A lot! You have exceeded all my expectations. That is why I have been putting off writing this testimonial. I felt I needed the time to sit and try to find numerous ways to describe how wonderfully happy I am. But alas, now I realize there really isn’t a simple way to describe my experience. Maybe its best if I just put it this way….”You are friggin’ Awesome Al! Woot Woot!!” I am fortunate to have worked with you. The work was done proficiently and in a timely manner. You were available any time of day and always put my mind at ease when we came up against some unexpected surprises. All your contractors were courteous and helpful and patient as we worked through the changes I made throughout the project. I am a lucky gal!! Thank you. Thank you…


We hired Conicella for our home renovation because of Al’s knowledgeable explanation of the proposed work as well as his pricing and flexibility. During the project, the Conicella crew arrived on time, was meticulous about keeping the area clean, and was respectful around our children. We are delighted with Conicella’s work and would not hesitate to use them again.


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