Bathrooms Thinking about a Marble Shower: Here’s What You Need To Know

Perhaps it was a photo on Pinterest that captured your attention. You know the photo of a bathroom with a large walk-in shower surrounded by white marble. The contours within the natural material appealed to your senses and made you start thinking of your bathroom renovation.

What do I need to consider before installing marble in my home? 

Marble is a metamorphic rock and contains several minerals including micas, clay and iron oxides. Although these minerals combined to create a soft and elegant look, which we know as marble, consumers should be aware of how iron oxide within marble can affect their bathroom renovation.

When iron oxide is exposed to water for a long period rust can occur. Therefore, it is important to consider the different grades of marble available.

The upside is there is a sealant available on the market to prevent chemical reactions from water and other substances.

How do I go about choosing the right marble?

Higher quality marble will contain fewer veins or inclusions to prevent water exposure. Often marble from China has more inclusions and is, therefore, more susceptible to color change and rust.

Since marble is a natural material there is a limited supply of high-quality marble on the market.

Does using marble in my bathroom require upkeep? 

Whether it is tile, granite or marble each material requires its upkeep. However, when using marble it is highly recommended that consumers seal the marble two to three times a year to prevent rust. The process of sealing marble is very easy. A sealant can be bought at any local home restoration store and sprayed on the marble for protection.

Ideally, a shower with marble requires maintenance every six months to prevent discoloration or other chemical reactions from soap and hair dye exposure.

Are there marble alternatives on the market? 

So you are still in love with the look of marble but perhaps the upkeep or the fear of discoloration has made you wary of using this natural material. The great news is that several alternatives have both a classy and elegant appeal. Consumers can consider choosing from a variety of porcelain style tiles. Contact us for a complimentary quote for your next bathroom renovation. 

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